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Victoria Engelmann

Head of Content

It’s not often you find someone whose passions for health, fitness and writing blend so seamlessly together, so it’s little wonder that Victoria has joined Buff Box as Head of Content.

While she initially planned to use her literature degree to pursue a career in editing, Victoria decided instead to fuse both her love of writing and fitness, creating her own health and fitness blog The Wellness Edit whilst receiving her Level 3 Personal Training certification.

Born and raised across the pond in Florida, Victoria decided to take up CrossFit after making the move to London, and she's never looked back. She now calls CrossFit Perpetua in Battersea her home-away-from-home.

Most of the time, you'll find Victoria at her CrossFit gym or at a local London cafe typing up her latest article. But you'll also find Vic heading to events and CrossFit boxes across the UK, exploring all the facets of nutrition and its effects on both the everyday and professional athlete.

Check back to the Buff Box blog each week for Victoria's latest write-ups on CrossFit, health and nutrition. 

Feel free to contact her should you have any suggestions, queries or article ideas.