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Vicky Blake

Accounts manager / Nutritionist

Whether you’re a coach or business owner, when looking for someone to join your team, you hope to find someone completely aligned with your ethos and ways of thinking. But you also want someone that can bring their own values to the table and hold their own. 

Cue Buff Box’s latest addition, Vicky Blake.

Like the rest of us at Buff Box, Vicky lives and breathes health and fitness. But this wasn’t always the case. After double-majoring in Fine Arts and Surface Design, Vicky opted for the corporate world. But that changed one fateful day when she found herself deciding to go for a run. 200 meters in, Vicky realised just how much her fitness levels had declined, and she decided to make a change then and there. During the next few weeks, Vicky regularly worked out and attended Bootcamp style classes. Wanting to change her whole lifestyle around, Vicky also hired a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, and while she was happy to listen to her personal trainer, she wasn’t as sold when looking over her nutrition plan. Vicky grabbed her laptop and began researching and editing her nutrition plan. Little did she know, Vicky was creating a new path for herself that would change her outlook on life forever; Thus began her fascinating with nutrition.

Having alway been a pro in the kitchen, Vicky took her newly created nutrition plan and gave healthy cooking a try. Vicky’s willingness to experiment prompted her to create food that was both tasty and healthy.

Wanting to try more meals in the kitchen and see what sort of results they would produce, Vicky constantly created new nutrition programmes to test on herself. 

Her investigation into her own nutrition plan paid off, and she has since lost four stone. 

Unsurprisingly, Vicky describes her health journey and successes as "one massive experiment."

Today, Vicky is a much happier and healthier version of herself, with a passion that has turned into a successful career. Vicky has since received her Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and Weight Management as well as becoming Level 3 Qualified in Nutrition and Weight Management and Nutrition for Sport and Exercise.

While Vicky’s background includes weight loss, she’s also no stranger to athletes and has honed her performance nutrition knowledge with both endurance and strength athletes.

Joining Buff Box as an Account Manager and Nutritionist, Vicky will be following up on every client’s nutrition plan; making sure they are reaching their goals, happy with their programme and getting optimum results. She will be your go-to person should you have any questions or concerns.

When asked how she felt about joining Buff Box, Vicky says: “It’s really good to be apart of a company that is so genuine and transparent and always striving for excellence, especially when it comes to health and fitness- two very significant aspects of a person’s life.”