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Mike Catris

Performance Nutritionist

Mike is the newest addition to the Buff Box team and he lives and breathes performance nutrition. 

He is a former professional rugby player who created his own elite sports supplement company Kratos Nutrition after a double eye socket fracture forced him into early retirement.

Along with his degree, he completed a sports nutrition diploma and then worked with one of the world’s leading nutrition companies.

He worked alongside doctors and masters of sports nutritional science on a performance and supplementation basis, experience which has helped him develop an incredible knowledge of his craft.

Mike now works as a performance nutritionist for Buff Box creating bespoke, end-to-end nutrition plans for elite athletes.

His background in professional sport and strong expertise in nutrition and supplements has proved to be a fantastic asset to Buff Box clients.

He is a CrossFit athlete himself at one of Britain’s most competitive boxes Dragon CrossFit where he coaches and programmes for elite level CrossFitters. This gives him an even greater insight into the needs of top athletes in his role as a performance nutritionist.

What Mike most admires about the Buff Box model is the way the company sources their ingredients and ensures athletes are getting the highest quality nutrients possible.