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Nutrition Information

Everyone wants to be the best athlete they can be. You can have the best training, the best coaching and the best preparation - but effective nutrition can be the real difference between winning and losing.

Buff Box understands that an athlete’s own body is their greatest weapon, so why would you want to fuel it with anything less than optimum nutrition? The world’s top athletes come to us because we treat nutrition as a science. We know exactly how to fuel the machine and we get results.

The Buff Box model ensures that every training session, every rest day and every moment of our athletes’ competitive lives is supplemented with the best possible nutrition to maximise their gains on every level. This is how we help our athletes tap into that extra 10% performance to smash their goals. But it all comes down to the quality of the nutrients we fuel our athletes with. Nothing we use is bulk bought, factory farmed or anything less than optimal.  From field to fork our food is the freshest and finest produce.

Nobody can match this quality and nobody can replicate our results. 

Our sourcing

Why are we so uncompromising about quality at Buff Box? It’s simple - if you use average ingredients and average food then your results will inevitably be average. 

We understand the power of optimum nutrition to squeeze every last bit of performance from our athletes. That’s why we only source the best ingredients, the freshest produce and the leanest cuts of prime meat to fuel our them.

Buff Box works with multi award-winning butcher Malcolm Pynes who shares our pursuit of excellence and passion for quality food. Every last cut of meat is British, locally sourced, chemical free and traceable. We will not accept anything less than the highest quality. Our beef comes from specially selected, grass fed animals that are grazed on the fertile Somerset Levels. The lamb we use comes from the lushest parts of the mineral-rich Quantock Hills, while our pork and chicken are sourced from local farms where they are well fed and responsibly reared.  You can tell by the taste. The flavour of the meat is exceptional – as is the nutrient content in every cut. It’s the same with our vegetables which are sourced locally and grown organically and free of chemicals by Arthur David in Bishops Sutton.

But sourcing the best quality ingredients is just the start.

Our cooking

The whole Buff Box model is about sourcing the most nutrient-rich ingredients, then preserving these vital nutrients in our delicious food before we deliver them to our athletes and clients. We demand excellence at every step, from field to fork – and it’s no different when it comes to cooking our fine ingredients. Our athletes’ performance hinges on getting the highest quality nutrients to fuel their bodies at every single meal. So we use science to ensure we preserve the maximum vitamins and minerals we can in every cut of meat and every floret of broccoli. We have truly perfected this process. All of our food is cooked at a precise temperature in a supersteamer before it is rapidly cooled in a blast chiller. The whole process from raw, to cooked, to cooled takes around 20 minutes which helps lock in the most nutrients possible. None of our food is boiled, roasted or fried which can destroy up to 75% of the nutritional value in food. Every single bite is packed with goodness and it tastes fantastic. But just wait and see what it does to your performance. 

Our food

Imagine never having to worry about cooking your food again after a hard day at the gym. Imagine not constantly thinking about whether you’re hitting your macros or getting the right post-workout nutrition. Imagine just being free to focus on being the best athlete you can, knowing your body is getting the exact nutrients it needs for you to truly excel. This is precisely what Buff Box provides for each and every one of our athletes.

We pride ourselves on the food we create. But not just because of our premium quality ingredients or our scientific process that keeps our meals nutrient rich - but because our food does taste great. You can probably tell that we’re incredibly passionate about what we do. You only have to take a look at our mouth-watering menus to see our heart and soul goes into our food. It’s so easy just to click online and we will deliver your chosen meals to your door ready for when you need them.

Right at the heart of everything we do is our original ethos of good, wholesome and honest food. That’s why when athletes come to Buff Box, they stay with us. Food makes us happy – and it makes our athletes and clients happy too. They’re energised, they sleep better and they train harder. But best of all it brings them phenomenal results.

But don't take our word for it - see what our athletes say.