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About Us

Buff Box is a world-leading food preparation and nutrition company for strength and conditioning athletes developed by people who care.

We were one of the first ever to launch in Britain back in 2013 and our vision was clear – we wanted to provide simple and honest nutrition that was optimum quality to fuel our athletes’ performance. This ethos is still at the core of everything we do and our reputation for exceptional results has seen us grow across the globe. We now work with a whole spectrum of clients from people wanting to change their lives right up to elite CrossFit Games athletes who want a competitive edge.

What do we do?
Right now we live in a world with the best gyms, the most advanced training methods and in-depth performance data – but so many people still don’t take nutrition seriously. Fad diets, poor nutritional advice and bad quality foods stop athletes from unlocking their true performance potential. Buff Box is changing all that. We don’t follow set plans or provide off-the-shelf solutions. We know that each athlete is unique and we treat them that way. So our team work intimately with every single client to understand their body, learn how they react to different nutrients and discover what makes them tick to create a tailored nutrition plan. But this is only the beginning. The real results come as we work closely with our clients to build up an intricate knowledge of how their bodies function through testing, feedback and observation.

Our unique model means we constantly evolve and adapt to our clients’ needs which enables them to achieve optimum performance in every sphere. This evidence-based, scientific approach carries over into the way we fuel our athletes too. Protein, fat and carbohydrate ratios are just one small fraction of our detailed nutrition plans. While macronutrients are important building blocks in every diet, we know that micronutrients are just as vital in helping our clients become the best athletes they can be.

We measure our nutrients not in grams, but micrograms – ensuring our food contains the best anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories, vitamins and minerals to aid sleep, energy and recovery which all feed into exceptional performance results.
We source our meats locally, we prepare our food scientifically and we deliver delicious, nutrient-rich food to our clients to achieve their goals. When you combine every one of these elements it adds up to some truly phenomenal performance gains.
Who do we work with?
Our revolutionary approach to nutrition has attracted some of the best athletes in the world. We are now working with 10 CrossFit Games athletes, including World’s Fittest Woman 2013 Sam Briggs, Lauren Fisher and Khan Porter.

Buff Box created the nutrition plan for 21-year-old rising star Sara Sigmundsdottir and helped fuel her to an incredible third place finish at the 2015 CrossFit Games in her debut year. Our nutrition was key to helping European athletes Steven Fawcett and Phil Hesketh step up to world level as they became the first ever British men to reach the Games. It is results like this that have seen the Buff Box model exported to some of the world’s top strength and conditioning facilities in the US as well as Europe, Australia and the Middle East.

Our team have been working closely with CJ Martin and CrossFit Invictus in California to prepare their athletes for the Games. But our results translate across any competitive discipline with strength and conditioning at its heart – and we have worked with everyone from Scottish Rugby to Team GB Weightlifting. MMA fighter Martin Stapleton is another athlete to benefit from Buff Box. Within eight months of working with us he became BAMMA World Lightweight champion. But it’s not just the most elite athletes on the planet that we work with. Buff Box can be the catalyst for change in everyone – including Paul McVeigh who we helped lose 7st in 18 months and transform his entire way of life.