Sam Briggs

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Sam Briggs is the only British woman ever to win the CrossFit Games.

She clinched the title of ‘World’s Fittest Woman’ in 2013 in an incredible comeback year which saw her overcome serious injury to win the Games, the Regionals and the worldwide Open.

Sam qualified for her first ever Games in 2010 barely a year after she took up CrossFit and since then she has grown to become a real force in the sport.

The steely four-time Games athlete overcame a sacroiliac joint in the Open and a broken foot before Regionals to place fourth in the 2015 finals.

Her astounding cardiovascular fitness has earned her the nickname ‘The Engine’.

But Sam’s strength is becoming a weapon and she beat the likes of Emily Bridgers and Lauren Fisher to win the CrossFit Lift-Off.

The former firefighter from Leeds was a multi-sport athlete, competing in duathlons, triathlons and indoor rowing as well as playing football in the Northern Premiership League.

She now lives and trains in Miami, USA.

Winning the CrossFit Games 2013.

My endurance.

Make it back to the Games 2016.

As I'm getting older diet has become an increasingly big part in helping me to recover and stay competitive with the younger athletes.

I love long, grinding workouts.

I truly love what I do. Seeing how far I can push my body and improve in an ever evolving sport.