Ryan Wells

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You won’t find many fitter men in Britain than Ryan Wells.

The 31-year-old is a former Royal Marines Commando who is now head coach and owner of CrossFit Coventry.

Ryan has a rich sporting background – having played rugby for Leicester Tigers Academy while he studied for a degree in Sports Therapy and Exercise Science at Coventry University

He also represented the Royal Marines, The Royal Navy and the Combined Services at rugby union during his seven years of service in the military.

Ryan was in charge of physical fitness for his entire squadron on operations in Afghanistan, with specialisms in Olympic weightlifting, kettlebell training and all-round strength and conditioning.

After training CrossFit with US Marines and introducing the methodology into military training, he later left the forces and is now a full-time CrossFit athlete and coach.

Before CrossFit I played rugby union. I played for Leicester Tigers Academy then after joining the Royal Marines I played for the Royal Navy. 

Since starting CrossFit I've won the Rainhill Trials elite category, placed first at Wild West with my team and second at the Super Team Cup.  

Powerlifting and Olympic lifting - my strength is my strength.

I would love to make it to regionals. 

It helps me a huge amount with my recovery and gives me the energy I need, especially when I’m training two or three times a day. 

My favourite exercise is probably the snatch. On a good day I love it, but it’s not always a good day.

I train to compete and to keep my body and mind in the best shape possible.