Martin Stapleton

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Martin Stapleton is one of Britain’s top MMA fighters and is the reigning BAMMA World Lightweight champion.

The 32-year-old won the world title belt with a sensational submission victory over Gavin Sterritt just 75 seconds into the first round at BAMMA 23.

The Rochdale fighter, who is known for his Muay Thai, boxing and BJJ skills, has also competed in Cage Warriors and Bellator in America.

He famously fought his way to the quarter finals of the UFC’s TV series in 2009.

Martin then took three years away from fighting because of his role as a Royal Marines Commando.

Since returning to the ring, he has become world champion and aims to win a world title in BJJ. Martin trains out of SBG Manchester under head coach Karl Tanswell.

He is also joint owner and head strength and conditioning coach at the Full Contact Performance Centre in Rochdale.

My number one would have to be winning the BAMMA Lightweight World Title in 2015.

To compete at the world level you have to have a lot of qualities as an athlete that are perhaps hard to explain – the one per-cents make up all the difference.

I believe my biggest asset is my mind set. It’s something I purposefully work on every day and I believe the correct mind set is what can separate the 'good' from the 'great'.

Right now my focus is fully on MMA and I intend to defend my world title successfully and in doing so represent my team in a good light on the World stage.

Down the line I want to be a two sport world champion and win a world championship in BJJ. 

I’m the type of person who commits fully to a goal so when I decide the time is right I will be 100% focussed on BJJ but right now I’m still in the 'conquer the world of MMA mode'.

I always explain performance as a triangle. At the top point you have your training, and at the base your recovery at one point and nutrition on the other point.

Without good nutrition you cannot expect to perform to your best - as the saying goes, ‘you can’t out-train a bad diet.’

I love sparring and rolling because I love the feeling of totally shutting off to everything outside of that spar and paying complete focus to the task at hand.

But I also love when my coach slows things down and improves my technique with just one little tweak of pressure or positioning.

I train because I love the puzzle that Mixed Martial Arts presents. As a competitor every round of sparring, every fight camp and every fight presents so many different challenges and questions that I believe I get to know myself, and who I am, better and better with every session.