Khan Porter

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Khan Porter has rapidly risen to become an elite CrossFit athlete competing against the best in the world.

With barely three years in the sport he has already made it to the CrossFit Games two years running.

The 26-year-old’s debut year saw him finish in the top 30 at the finals in California, competing against the likes of Rich Froning and Jason Khalipa. 

He dominated the newly-formed Pacific Regional in 2015, beating experienced athletes Rob Forte and Chad Mackay to first place overall.

Khan dropped three places overall from the previous year after the Murph workout took a tremendous toll on his body.

GRID League champions DC Brawlers drafted him as an athlete in 2014. He was signed up as a strong utility athlete for the competitive fitness team, with impressive strength and bodyweight skills among his most notable assets 

Khan, who is co-owner of CrossFit Play in Sydney, has grown up with competitive sport in Australia, playing rugby and also surf lifesaving in the past.

Winning the first ever Pacific Super Regional in 2015.

Power output and short, fast workouts.

To finish in the top 10 at the CrossFit Games.

Since changing my approach to nutrition with Matt and Buff Box I have found my recovery has improved and I have far more energy for longer training days.

I love the rower and assault bike and don’t mind moving moderately weighted barbells for reps.

I train for a variety of reasons. I think some are pretty personal and others are as simple as loving the feeling of walking out of the gym totally trashed.

I also find it’s a great outlet and break from the rest of the world. Training is my time and I dig that.