Jack Fleckney

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Jack Fleckney is a former Royal Marine who is now a full-time CrossFit athlete, coach and box owner at CrossFit East Northants. 

He started CrossFit after training with elite US Navy Seals on operations in Afghanistan.

Before taking up the sport of fitness, Jack played rugby union for London Wasps.

He also represented the Royal Navy in several games against the Army at Twickenham during his military service in the marines.

Jack also played against Barbarians for the Combined Services, but now he is a competitive CrossFit athlete.

The 24-year-old is a strong all-round athlete and is looking to establish himself as a competitor at the Meridian Regionals in the future.

Playing rugby for London Wasps, playing in three Army vs Navy games at Twickenham for the Royal Navy and also playing for the Combined Services against the Barbarians. 

Competing at multiple CrossFit competitions, representing Team GLC2000 winning Wild West and coming second at the Super Team Cup.

My strengths have always been workouts that suck. I enjoy longer WODs that are mentally draining, which I think comes from my time as a Royal Marine.

My Goals this year are to push to qualify for regionals in The Open and qualify for competitions like the Italian and French Throwdown. As normal I just want to continue to improve throughout the year and enjoy it as I do.

My diet is something I have only recently changed and thought about since working with Buff Box. With having my own affiliate CrossFit East Northants I now have very little free time. When I first opened I was just having food where and when I could, meaning there was no plan at all.

I began working with Buff Box who have helped enormously with prepping and planning my food as well as assisting with supplementation advice. 

I have learned a lot over the last five months and my performance has increased a significant amount since tightening up my nutrition. 

This has made me realise how important it is to keep control of my diet to aid performance.

I think my ultimate WOD would have wall balls, box jumps, muscle-ups and rowing. I have some of the longest arms in history so wall balls have always been my friend.

With my personality traits I have to be constantly improving and CrossFit enables me to do that. After coming away from a rugby background, training also gives me that competitiveness back - whether that be in competition or with myself.