Elliot Simmonds

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Elliot Simmonds is on 22 but he's already building a big reputation in the sport of CrossFit.

The former Reebok CrossFit Cardiff athletes qualified for the European Regionals in 2014 less than a year after starting the sport.

British-born Elliot then qualified for the Regionals the following year as an individual, but actually competed in the team event with the hugely-successful CrossFit Yas.

Alongside athletes Jamie Green and Tammy Robinson, Yas stormed to second place in the Meridian Regional to qualify for the 2015 CrossFit Games.

Unfortunately they suffered a disqualification over an athlete ineligibility, but the team are determined to come back stronger and make the Games in 2016.

Elliot, who studied Sports Coaching and Exercise Science at Cardiff University, is a full time coach with CrossFit Yas in Abu Dhabi.  

I started CrossFit in September of 2013 and qualified for European regionals in 2014 as an individual. In 2015 I qualified as an individual in Africa/Europe region but went as part of the CrossFit Yas team. We qualified for the games but unfortunately got disqualified due to an ineligibility.

Longer workouts like chippers. I do a lot of aerobic work on the rower and assault bike which helps me during those workouts with lots of components. 

To qualify for the CrossFit Games as a team in 2016 and an individual in 2017. 

The diet constantly evolves to what I need in my stage of training. Not only does good nutrition make training better and improve the results you see but it also motivates you to train harder as preparing meals takes a lot of dedication that you don't want to waste. 

Anything with rowing I like to think I have an advantage. I like workouts that require a strategy rather than just going out and getting the work done. 

I train for two reasons. One because I love it and have always loved sport and exercise. Secondly to try and make it to the CrossFit Games. I'm extremely competitive so it keeps me motivated to push myself to new levels.